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Inventors Helping Inventors

Mar 28, 2024

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

How can you make your invention compelling for buyers - so it will be a success?

Alan shares 3 ways you can make your product compelling, so buyers will say, "yes."

It seems obvious you must highlight the attractive benefits of your product - but Alan describes 2 other...

Mar 25, 2024

Alan interviews Duncan Ashworth.

Duncan Ashworth had a 41 year career in the semiconductor industry.

After retiring, he began developing a Roomba-like robot that destroyed COVID on floors automatically.

Today, he is testing and selling his SaniBot robot that kills up to 100 pathogens - in daycare schools - before...

Mar 21, 2024

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

Alan shares that many inventors feel they can save money by - "figuring it out on their own" - rather than paying for help.

In fact, trial and error is the costliest path and the longest path to success. He discovered that from his own experience.

Tune in to learn why.


Mar 18, 2024

Alan interviews Greg Amundson.

Greg Amundson went from shopping center management to custom home building.

The 2009 housing bust transformed him into an inventor.

Greg has transformed messy caulking to a simple task for anyone with his product - InstaTrim. Today, he sells InstaTrim strips to help homeowners...

Mar 14, 2024

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

What is your approach towards licensing your product: the shotgun approach or the rifle approach?

Alan describes 2 divergent approaches to licensing your product. One approach is more passive, whereas the other is more active.

Alan shares which approach he prefers and...