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Inventors Helping Inventors

Nov 25, 2019

Alan interviews Rothana Walbolt.

Rothana Walbolt as a child survived the brutal Cambodian Khmer Rouge regime to emigrate to the U.S. Rothana was amazed at the food waste she saw, especially with freezing and thawing foods. She invented a better solution: FreezeStax.

Clients love the FreezeStax, especially the way it...

Nov 18, 2019

Alan reflects on lessons learned from interviewing 50 inventors.

In today's special episode, you'll learn about 7 lessons that Alan learned after interviewing 50 successful inventors.

Tune in to learn why some inventors gave up a successful corporate career to pursue their inventing dreams. Also learn why parents are...

Nov 11, 2019

Alan interviews Jessica Haynes.

Jessica Haynes was annoyed because wall sockets in her home were loose and appliances would become unplugged while she was using them. She encouraged her husband to come up with a solution, so he did.

They co-invented the Socket Saver, which keeps items firmly plugged into any socket....

Nov 4, 2019

Alan interviews Riley Spear.

As a new parent, Riley found his infant son's bottles got dirty with milk film on the inside.

There was no effective way to clean them, so he invented the Scrubber Ball. Now cleaning dirty bottles is a cinch, problem solved.

Tune in as Alan give Riley advice on his next steps to prototyping...