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Inventors Helping Inventors

Apr 26, 2021

Alan interviews Dianna Roberts.

Dianna Roberts grew up in British Columbia with a creative dad and a 'make it happen' mom.

Many years later, trying to get her new grandson to sleep, she found a bouncy ball did the trick.

Today, she is creating her first prototype for an innovative chair to help parents lull fussy babies...

Apr 19, 2021

Alan provides a special Bonus Training Monday.

In today's training episode, you’ll learn about 3 money-sucking blunders - that so many inventors make - which are completely avoidable.

Tune in to learn why you should never say, "There's nothing out there like my invention."

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Apr 12, 2021

Alan interviews Lindsey Fleischhauer.

As a new mom, Lindsey Fleischhauer found that managing babies in car seats and shopping carts was frustrating. She invented the solution: the Totes Babies Car Seat Holder.

Since landing a deal with Lori Greiner on Shark Tank, Totes Babies has taken off. Moms everywhere are...

Apr 5, 2021

Alan interviews Bill Gotter.

Bill Gotter had a diverse career from golf course superintendent to shipyard machinist. Everywhere he worked, Bill found coworkers were stealing tools from his toolbox.

A career-ending massive brain aneurysm gave him time to think, and he developed a secure keyless toolbox lock...