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Inventors Helping Inventors

Jan 31, 2022

Alan interviews Allan Menezes.

Allan Menezes is a globe-trotting athlete who suffered a debilitating back injury in rugby.

Allan invented the Tornado 360 - a unique Pilates exercise device that quickly relieves stress and muscle pains.

Today, his invention helps clients get great workouts and relief in just 10 minutes...

Jan 24, 2022

Alan interviews Adrian Pelkus.

Adrian Pelkus is a prolific inventor who has helped startups for over 30 years and has 18 patents of his own. He has made a science of inventing with a 10-step process he applies to every invention.

Today, continues to develop a variety of his own inventions as well as helping other...

Jan 17, 2022

Alan interviews Clement Decrop.

Clement Decrop was born in Belgium, then moved to Spain and then the U.S. He graduated from Penn State as an engineer, then began his career with IBM - where he filed 50 patents in 1 year.

Now, he shares what he learned in a new book: The Idea Space: Unlocking the Creative Power of Your...

Jan 10, 2022

Alan provides a special Bonus Training Monday.

In today's episode, Alan shares short snippets from 12 different episodes from 2021.

You'll learn about prototyping challenges, inventing in Africa, 2 fishing products, a product for toning glutes, and more in this 2021 year in review.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on...

Jan 3, 2022

Alan interviews Christie Thrasher-Rudd Christie

Thrasher-Rudd loved providing resistance training to her clients with the TRX workout. But many women found the workouts to be painful for their wrists, so she invented a better solution: the CRT Method.

Today, she sells the CRT Method globally from her website.

Make sure...