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Inventors Helping Inventors

Aug 29, 2022

Alan interviews Rene Morkos.

Rene Morkos earned his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence applications for construction at Stanford. He founded Alice Technologies to commercialize his invention - the first construction optioneering platform.

Today, he helps companies to optimize their construction platforms using AI.


Aug 25, 2022

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

In today's episode, Alan discusses - the sleep gamble - many of us make every night. Alan shares health conditions that arise from sleep deprivation - getting too few hours of sleep at night - and actions you can take now.

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Aug 22, 2022

Alan interviews Neil Macqueen.

Globetrotter Neil Macqueen grew up in South Africa, then moved to the U.K. After studying industrial design in college, he worked for James Dyson for a decade.

Today, he heads design teams at Gembah product development - helping inventors and companies get their innovations into...

Aug 18, 2022

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

Today's episode is about two journeys: the journey of life - and of inventing.

Alan shares how inventing has enriched his life - and ways that it will enrich your life, as well. Inventing will make your life journey much more interesting.

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Aug 15, 2022

Alan interviews Courtney Laschkewitsch.

Courtney Laschkewitsch taught robotics to youth. As an inventor, she aspired to license multiple products. After enduring countless rejections, Courtney quickly licensed 4 products to one company, Dormco.

All of her current products are unpatented and in the dorm space.

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