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Inventors Helping Inventors

Dec 30, 2019

Alan interviews James Sanchez.

In 2012, James Sanchez had the license plate stolen from his truck. So, he invented the solution to this problem: the Tag Defender. Thanks to his ingenuity, buyers of the Tag Defender need not worry about such thefts.

The product sells in AutoZone and Pep Boy stores nationwide.

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Dec 23, 2019


Alan interviews Lisa Crites.

In 2009, Lisa Crites had breast cancer and had mastectomy surgery. Afterwards, she was advised to wear a plastic trash sack in the shower to keep surgical drain sites dry. Frustrated, she invented a better solution, the Shower Shirt.

The Shower shirt provides a great shower solution to...

Dec 16, 2019

Alan interviews Mary Lou Palazzola.

Mary Lou Palazzola faced a daily worker's dilemma - finding and retrieving her lunch bag from those of co-workers in a crowded refrigerator. She decided to buy a nice lunch bag, but found the limited choices uninspiring, so she invented the Pranzo Bag.

The Pranzo Bag is a combo...

Dec 12, 2019

Alan provides another Bonus Training Thursday.

In today's training episode, You'l learn how to tell the difference between legitimate invention marketing companies and scam companies.

You'll learn a simple 4-step process to quickly spot scam invention marketing companies. Don't let a scammer get your wallet.

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Dec 9, 2019

Alan interviews Steve Waddell.

Steve Waddell was intrigued by Roman Nasoni fountains: public faucets which also had a separate spigot on top to provide a water fountain.

Mr. Waddell invented the DaVinci fountain to bring this innovation to American homes. Now buyers can easily brush teeth, take pills, rinse makeup and...