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Inventors Helping Inventors

Jul 11, 2024

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

When you pitch your product for licensing, have you considered the view from their side of the table?
Companies are concerned with risk, reward, and product fit - that's their view.

To license your invention, you must address all 3 of these elements with them.

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Jul 8, 2024

Alan provides a new Me on the Mic episode.

Alan shares details about his new Inventors' Forum event being held on July 24th.

The Inventors' Forum is your chance to meet Alan and other podcast listeners, while learning tools and tactics of successful inventors.

The event is free of charge for podcast listeners to...

Jul 4, 2024

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

The failure rate for new products is brutally high - so 'nice to have' products rarely succeed.

Alan describes steps you can take to transition your product from 'nice to have' to 'must have' - the key to invention success.

Learn how to assess your product and to...

Jul 1, 2024

Alan interviews Prithvi Krishnan.

After Prithvi Krishnan's grandfather tragically died with pneumonia, he vowed to find a way to improve diagnosis accuracy.

His invention uses AI methods to achieve up to 99% accuracy from a chest x-ray.

He's planning to work with universities to get his invention to hospitals...

Jun 27, 2024

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

Did your dream vacation cruise offer you a 100% money-back guarantee?

I didn't think so.

A few retail stores offer such guarantees.

Alan shares a bit of his story and the reason why he's always offered all of his services to inventors with a 30-day money back guarantee.