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Inventors Helping Inventors

Aug 26, 2019

Alan interviews inventor Connie Inukai.

Tune in to learn how Connie got frustrated with attempting to read tiny print on restaurant tabs in dimly lit restaurants, then calculate tips and split them equitably for all the guests.

Her solution was the Tip 'n Split - an invention she has sold on QVC, and promoted on The...

Aug 19, 2019

Alan interviews inventor Mina Yoo.

Tune in to learn how Mina Yoo transitioned from a professor teaching entrepreneurship to inventing and commercializing her invention - the Heroclip.

Learn how Mina obtained both crowd funding and angel investment to propel her invention to success.

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Aug 15, 2019

Alan provides another Bonus Training Thursday - Bootstrapping Your Invention.

Tune in to learn 4 different ways to bootstrap your invention to success.

You'll learn creative ways to commercialize your invention successfully without breaking the bank.

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Aug 12, 2019

Alan interviews inventor Becca Brown.

Tune in to learn how Becca and her business partner took an innovative high heel protector - Solemates - to the Shark Tank, then to successful product.

Learn how Becca dealt with key setbacks including initial Shark Tank rejection and initial rejections from angel investors. 


Aug 5, 2019

Alan interviews inventor Louise White.

Tune in to learn how Louise White has sold over 500 toy designs over 20 years. Learn how Louise has leveraged her invention skills to design toys for Marvel D.C. Comics and many other famous brands.

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