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Inventors Helping Inventors

May 29, 2023

Alan interviews Duncan Ashworth.

Duncan Ashworth had a 41 year career in the semiconductor industry.
After retiring, he began developing a Roomba-like robot that destroyed COVID on floors automatically.

Today, he is testing his SaniBot robot that kills up to 100 pathogens in various medical facilities - before...

May 25, 2023

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

Having a bad day? Reframe your thinking - and lift your spirits.

You can't always choose what happens to you - but you can choose how you see it, positive or negative.

Learn how to reframe your thinking to see circumstances in a positive light and see how much better you...

May 22, 2023

Alan interviews Jenn Everett.

Jenn Everett helps busy moms stay organized and she's a successful inventor with 6 inventions.

Her website is a hit with moms during the holidays.

Find out how she manages her 3 children, her businesses and her inventions - without losing her sanity.

Make sure to...

May 18, 2023

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

Many inventors consider the royalty rate percentage paid to them as the most important aspect of their license deal - but it is not.

Likewise, inventors often overestimate the actual royalty payments they're likely to receive.

Alan clarifies both aspects of license deals.


May 15, 2023

Alan interviews Dale Miller.

Dale Miller grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, then became an attorney.

Mr. Miller snored loudly and suffered from sleep apnea. So, he invented a snoring solution: Chin-Up Strips.

Today, over 10 million Chin-Up Strips have sold worldwide- helping snorers and their partners finally get...