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Inventors Helping Inventors

Jan 27, 2020

Alan interviews Valerie Guglielmo.

Like many women, Valerie Guglielmo found it annoying that her concentrator nozzle would pop off and fly across the room while she was blow drying her hair.

Instead of duct taping the attachment onto her hair dryer - she invented a better solution - the SnozzlePro Universal...

Jan 23, 2020

Alan provides another Bonus Training Thursday.

In today's training episode, Alan takes a look at 2019 year in review for the IHI podcast.

Tune in to learn humble inventor beginnings, trade show secrets, experiences on QVC and much more - from vignettes from 6 different inventors.

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Jan 20, 2020

Alan interviews Warren Wilson.

Warren went from a "broke, reclusive guy working from a little shed" to successful inventor of the BetterBlocks toys for kids.

Warren invented BetterBlocks to give kids building blocks that could actually move. The product sold over $45 million in retail.

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Jan 13, 2020

Alan interviews Maria Messier.

Former neonatal ICU nurse, Maria Messier invented the perfect clothing solution for new moms - the Extendher maternity jacket extender.

Maria - a mother of 4 children - tired of having to wear her husband's jacket during winters while she was pregnant. So, she invented a better solution:...

Jan 6, 2020

Alan interviews Dana Knowles.

Dana Knowles' life journey was a tumultuous one: from drugs and alcohol addiction to rehab and success as an inventor.

Dana found fluttering shower curtains annoying. Her Hanging Shower Caddy invention solved that problem, plus it holds every item needed in the shower within easy...