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Inventors Helping Inventors

Dec 7, 2023

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

Alan shares 4 simple ways you can reduce stress every day - by investing as little as 15 minutes of your time.

What do walking and reading have in common? They both can reduce stress.

Learn two other methods you can use to reduce your stress and increase your quality of...

Dec 4, 2023

Alan provides a new Me on the Mike episode.

Alan shares 3 mental detours that cause inventors to take longer to achieve success.

Many new inventors focus far too much effort upon obtaining a patent before they know if their product is viable.

Listen to 2 other mental detours that may put obstacles in your path to...

Nov 30, 2023

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

To succeed as an inventor - your product must be compelling. Having a good product is not enough.

A product must be compelling, or consumers won't buy it.

Learn the definition of a compelling product and the three key benefits you'll gain from having a competitive...

Nov 27, 2023

Alan interviews Chris Cohen.

Chris Cohen loved playing baseball. But wanted to improve his grip on the bat.

He bought a thumb guard - but found it didn't work well.

So, he invented his own thumb guard to provide a conforming, secure grip to the bat. In 2023, he's launching his new thumb guard invention into the...

Nov 23, 2023

Alan provides a new Thursday Thought episode.

Inventors often buy into myths that sound good - but can cost them years of time and thousands of dollars in missteps.

One myth is that you can make a lot of money - if you can just find the right contact. Learn the other two myths and how to steer clear of all 3 inventor...