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Inventors Helping Inventors

Dec 28, 2020

Alan interviews RD Harris.

RD Harris knew he wanted to be an inventor, but success always seemed just out of reach.

Until he invented the Gravity Ring, a versatile product that easily holds cell phones and prevent drops.

Today, he markets the Gravity Ring as he develops other new innovative products.

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Dec 21, 2020

Alan interviews Rob Davidson. Rob Davidson is the CEO of CURE Pharmaceutical.

Mr. Davidson realized that some people in Africa don't take pills they need because the water is unsafe to drink. To cure that problem, Rob invented an innovative thin film for delivering medicine without water, that produces better results...

Dec 14, 2020

Alan interviews Tony Gonzales.

As an attorney in Arizona, Tony Gonzales helped many business clients.

When his 3-year-old son was rushed to the hospital after being stung by a scorpion, Tony saw scorpions as a serious problem. He co-invented the solution - Scorpion Repel - that actually prevents scorpions from getting...

Dec 7, 2020

Alan interviews David Weaver.

David Weaver was an optical engineer for over 20 years at Eastman Kodak. After a layoff in 1998, he became an inventor, creating the first hydrogen-based non-toxic hand sanitizer, Hy-IQ.

Today, David's company, Aphex BioCleanse Systems, sells Hy-IQ products worldwide, providing water-based...

Dec 3, 2020

Alan provides another Bonus Training Thursday.

In today's training episode, you'll learn about the new bootcamp for inventors - Pitch Your Product Like a Pro.

The bootcamp is your chance to meet Alan and other inventors, have fun, and learn to finally pitch your product to get them to say yes.

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